Maz Studios


MazImages is a professional photography studio located in Toronto, Canada. The studio offers Professional photography, and photographic workshops

Maz has been behind the lens for the better part of 28 years and has an exceptional ability to capture the essence of people and emotion. He specializes in portraiture photography for commercial and private clients. Maz is also a gifted teacher and has expanded his services to include in-studio workshops ranging from introductory studies to master classes. His ability to connect with the people he captures on film or those who he is educating has made him one of the top photographers in Toronto. His work has been published extensively and has been exhibited worldwide, including at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009.

Headshot Photography

Maz loves working with other creatives and it shows. His artist headshots are always in demand because he manages to extract character, intensity, fun, and whatever else the subject needs.

Portrait Photography

The highly experienced portrait photographers who work for Maz Images Studios know how to capture stunning images that can be cherished for a lifetime. If you’re in Toronto, ON, we can take portraits of your family or other important people in your life. If you need us to take school portraits for your child, we’ll do our best to provide you with the most flattering images. You can even hire us to take pictures that can be used as executive portraits.

Managing All the Details

When we conduct a photo shoot, we always make sure every detail is in order so that all pictures turn out looking the way they should. From camera angles to lighting, we set up everything in a way that allows us to produce work that looks highly professional.

Maz Images Studios has the portrait photographers who are willing to work hard to make you happy with your finished product. Contact us today if you’re anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area to schedule an appointment.

Product Photography

Whether you're creating an ad for a magazine, a sales sheet for a trade show, or an image for a catalogue, you'll need a seasoned photographer to show off your product. And that's where Maz Studios comes in. As an established photographer in Toronto, ON, Maz Studios has the tools and skills to present your new product in an artful, appealing fashion.

Quality Service

Maz Studios is committed to providing terrific value and excellent service. No matter the scope or nature of the job, you can rest assured that Maz Studios will approach it in a meticulous, detail-oriented. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to promote your new invention or you're a company exec tasked with a major product launch, you can expect an impressive level of professionalism and dedication every step of the way.

Let Maz Studios help you show off your product and make your advertising campaign a success. Call today to get more information about Maz Studios' product photography services or to schedule an appointment.

Business Photography

A professional executive portrait can send a strong message of confidence to employees and clients alike. And a group photo of employees can foster teamwork and a sense of camaraderie. So whether you're looking to capture your company's successes and milestones, introduce a set of new hires, or provide pictures for employee ID cards, Maz Studios is at your service.

Quality and Professionalism

As an established corporate photographer, Maz Studios understands that every client is unique. When you hire Maz Studios, you can rest assured that you'll be getting quality service from a true professional who recognizes the importance of helping you maintain the company identity you've worked so hard to establish. No matter the scope of the job at hand, Maz Studios pledges to complete it in a meticulous fashion.

Let Maz Studios handle all of your corporate photography needs. Call today for more information or to schedule an estimate.